Tags: Retail, Remote Operation


Fast food retailing can be improved by adding more sensors, analysis and automation into the retail store, but only if that can be done without creating complexity or availability issues for the store operator.

Chick-fil-A wanted to develop a in-store server platform that ran software packaged as industry standard Kubernetes containers so that headquarters could centrally develop and deploy in-store Iot applications without any need for local system administration or operation.

Industry: Retail

Business Need: Optimize customer experience, store efficiency, and headquarters ability to observe and optimize store and chain operations.

Key Enabling Technologies: Remote Operation

Industry Perspective

This innovative IT approach (Kubernetes platform, simple development, remote administration) can be extended to replace and augment many less flexible, in-store computing systems.

Edge Need: This architecture is perfect for premises edge solutions where there is a need for local, high-available, inexpensive computing.

Ease of Incorporation: From a vendor perspective, the large retail chains are the attractive target, but making changes in the store architecture is difficult because of the magnitude and complexity of the upgrade required.

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